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The indian government has directly acknowledged the influence of the domain investor legally owning this website banning her websites falsely claiming that the content is offensive, when actually she is only exposing a BANKING FRAUD which is similar to the nirav modi, vijay mallya banking fraud, ROBBERY AND HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES. For 9 years, since 2010, 10 google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own the bank account, domains of a private citizen to get a monthly government salary, and when she protests, she is falsely labelled a security threat for exposing the online fraud.
Screenshots of the banned websites when accessed using an Idea connection in panaji, goa, for those who dismiss all the complaints of the domain investor
Influence in banned in India
Screenshot showing that the domain is banned in India. This is the second .in domain which is banned in India after which is also owned by the domain investor.
Problems in banned in India
Screenshot showing that the domain is banned in India. This shows how the indian and state government instead of taking feedback of corruption, nepotism, banking fraud and robbery of government employees in a positive manner, and improving the system, it is banning the websites which expose CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, ABUSE OF POWER. This negative attitude towards valid criticism is responsible for the financial crisis in India

Those who initiated the ban foolishly think that these domains are making a lot of money and the ban will affect the revenues the domain investor. In reality the domains were not making any money, and now the domain investor can use the ban for marketing the websites, to get links, since only a select few websites have the PRIVILEGE of being banned in India.

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