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Kindly note that this website is banned in India for exposing corrupton, nepotism, casteism, BANKING FRAUD, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, IDENTITY THEFT, SEX RACKETS, INDIAN GOVERNMENT ROBBERY of harmless private citizens, since the indian and state governments have committed a massive ONLINE FINANCIAL FRAUD, duping ICANN, domain registries, domain registries, internet companies and countries with FAKE CLAIMS about domain, website, online account ownership to allegedly increase the profit of google, tata
Domain investor is victim of human rights abuses, MEMORY, TRADE SECRET ROBBERY by NTRO,R&AW,cbi, crimes under section 390, 411 of the indian penal code since 2010
The indian government has wasted Rs 40 crore of indian taxpayer money since 2010 to force the harmless domain investor to agree to identity theft

Website banned - in India for exposing top level BANKING, ONLINE FRAUD

NTRO robbery - a crime under section 390 of the indian penal code

Taxpayer money wasted - to force identity theft for 9 years since 2010

Identity theft - How stealing the identity of experienced engineers is a waste

Quora account - Ntro/raw/cbi unable to get quora account banned


NTRO Fraud - ntro fraud on the domain investor

Defamation/slander - Defamation

Honesty - honesty or the lack of it

The indian government is also wasting Rs 4 crore of indian taxpayer money annually since 2010 for the forcing the domain investor, a harmless private citizen, to agree to identity theft, in a clear case of HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, ROBBERY.

NTRO and other indian government agencies have committed crimes under section 390,411 of the indian penal code ROBBING the real domain investor since 2010. The indian government is only paying lip service to ending corruption, nepotism, in reality it flourishes, and anyone who complains will find that their website is banned. This website along with is not accessible using Indian ISPs in India, and it is developed so that people are aware of the FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD on the real domain investor since 2010.

Please note that the domain name is for sale,a buyer was interested, he did not pay. Hence it has been renewed hoping he will pay. Originally the content was posted at iwsis,org, yet Google deindexed the website, hence the content has been moved to a new domain to check the indexing policy of the largest search engine in the world. Any company, or business interested in listing their website for sale can please send their details by email to or Graphics/web designers interested in providing their services for this website can also send an email to this address