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In a clear indication of the extremely inefficiency and incompetence of the indian government, NTRO employees led by parekh, mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, patel, vijay, have been allowed to waste Rs 40 crore of taxpayer money since 2010 to destroy the life of a harmless single woman engineer since 2010 only because they HATED the engineer, who was their btech 1993 ee classmate from a top college. The engineer has never interfered in their lives and has not contacted them for 25 years, in most cases, never ever, yet indian government has given them the license to waste Rs 4 crore or more of TAXPAYER MONEY annually since 2010 for SEXUAL HARASSMENT, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION

For those who doubt the statement of the atrocities of the indian government, the breakup of the atrocities, human rights abuses and equipment is as follows
- memory or brain wave reading, a very expensive and sophisticated technology, ROBBERY
- voice to skull technology to humiliate, mentally torture
- theft of email orders, monitoring of all email accounts. For example the domain investor is not getting iwriter notifications, because the account is hacked probably by associates of shivalli brahmin bengaluru R&AW employee cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar
- theft of correspondence,email, sms, postal mail, courier in panaji, goa
- surveillance of mobile phone, blocking of phone calls
- paying salaries to 10-12 raw/cbi employees who are faking a btech 1993 ee degree or falsely claiming to own her business, domains
- hacking of all electronic devices, the business owner does not use a smartphone , she cannot even use a phone which has locking
- monitoring and hacking all webhosting
- ensuring that no one in India does business with her, everyone is threatened for giving orders and making payment, so that identity theft is not exposed.
- organized stalking, lift stalking in panaji, goa
- defamation with google, tata fraudsters especially housewives like riddhi caro nayak especially in goa
- using the latest torture equipment of ntro on a harmless private citizen, without a legally valid reason
- radiation torture of the harmless engineer repeatedly to damage and destroy the brain cells, adversely affecting memory, causing losses
- monitoring the bathroom in any home or place where she spends time, including a hotel room in multiple states, and at least three homes in India. bengaluru brahmin R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar and her associates had sent a very explicit article on how they were ogling at the domain investor in her bathroom
- duping people, companies and countries worldwide with their LIES about paypal, banking, domain ownership
- hacking all home appliance, lighting system, the godrej refrigerator is not function properly, light bulbs get switched on automatically, airconditioning does not start

A detective charges Rs 5000 a day only for physical surveillance of any person, here the government is stealing all correspondence, threatening everyone who will do business in India with business owner, domain investor and engineer . The police inspector of panaji had also verbally indicated that the harmless domain investor, engineer was subjected to some of the most terrible human rights abuses, by central government agencies despite being a harmless innocent private citizen

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