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Compared to other sectors, the internet sector in India is characterised by a lack of honesty, an unwillingness to give credit where it is due. If a person is innocent, great pains will be taken to frame the person by threatening or offering incentives to every person he or she interacts with to make false accusations . Many people do not hesistate to make false accusations against an innocent person just to extort money and ruin the reputation. Unfortunately the large internet companies in India, patronize, protect and promote such blackmailers and extortionists, instead of putting an end to this menace.

In most sectors, like the finance or engineering sector, a person has to provide some kind of evidence before making any kind of claim or accusation. However, in the internet sector, no kind of proof of any kind is needed. If enough people gang up and collectively accuse an innocent person, though all of them may be frauds, they are considered to be telling the truth, A good looking charming liar who is a convincing actor, with powerful backers, will be considered to be telling the truth, while an innocent person who is honest will be falsely framed for fraud by greedy powerful persons, especially if the innocent person is not good looking .

Powerful officials will put webmasters under surveillance falsely claiming that they are concerned about honesty and integrity. Yet these same powerful officials with protect, promote and reward their mediocre lazy greedy liar cheater friends who have cheated the innocent webmaster under section 420 of IPC, commited corporate espionage, stalked or made other false claims.
These officials do not have the honesty to admit that they are expert at framing innocent people who they hate, and are blind to all the crimes which their friends have commited,.

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