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The worst part of working online is the character assasination/malicious defamation that the experienced innocent harmless webmaster is subjected to by powerful high status dishonest officials , wasting a huge amount of Indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment for corporate goals, personal hatred .
Unscrupulous frauds will make blatantly false allegations without any proof just to spoil the reputation of an innocent person.Their powerful backers, including some of the largest internet companies will promote and protect them in this slander campaign, instead of censuring them. These people making false allegations against an innocent person are extremely powerful, high status, image conscious, respectable in society, yet they are ruthless in making the most defamatory vicious allegations against a harmless person. These powerful frauds are the greatest cowards who can conveniently remain anonymous, and will never have the courage to justify the defamatory allegations against the harmless innocent person in an open debate, where the person being accused will have a chance to defend himself or herself
These officials will pretend to speak on behalf of the innocent person they are defaming, and encourage people to defame her, rewarding people who make false allegations against her without proof. This lack of morals can be a major culture shock, for those from other industries, where a person has to provide some kind of proof before making an allegation about a person or business.In most industries, blackmailers and extortonists who make false defamatory allegations will be boycotted and punished, but this is not true for the Indian internet industry where they are consider role models and appointed to the most important government jobs, faking their experience.

For example a call girl diploma holder from goa with no experience online has been allegedly fraudulently appointed to a very important government job in the indian internet sector for commiting corporate espionage on an experienced webmaster, falsely claiming that the diploma holder has the experience, Iit degree, investment, skills, work ethic of the webmaster she cheated,. the powerful family of the fraud diploma holder in the internet and financial sector were the most vicious in defaming the webmaster,. Another fraud housewife nayanshree hathwar cheated the webmaster has been allegedly fraudulently appointed to a very important government job in the indian internet sector as reward for section 420 cheating as her powerful friends and relatives viciously defamed the innocent webmaster,

Additionally photoshopped videos and photos of the real domain investor are being circulated all other india, by the fraud ntro/raw/cbi employees wasting taxpayer money to cover up their banking fraud, memory robbery crimes under section 390 and section 411 of the indian penal code

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