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While india is notorious worldwide for its extremely high levels of corruption, the domain investor is complaining on the website mainly because goa, especially panaji, has the highest corruption levels in the world, with LIARS, banking, real estate, educational, financial fraudsters considered high status, respectable, while honest hardworking skilled single women professionals are criminally defamed, humiliated, cheated, exploited and robbed in the worst manner, denied their fundamental rights, subjected to human rights abuses

Though the government agencies falsely claim that this is defamation, the domain investor is not the only person who is complaining about corruption and dishonesty, there are many other famous people who are also complaining about the extremely high levels of corruption in goa. IPS officer Neeraj Kumar in his book Khakhi Files also complained about the extremely high levels of corruption in goa,due to which he was transferred away from goa quickly before his term ended,.

More recently in 2021, the former governor of Goa, Satyapal Malik complained in an interview with India Today, that the corruption levels in goa are extremely high, and corruption is deeply embedded in the system. He said that he complained to the central government about the extremely high corruption levels, and instead of taking action against the government, ministers, the government transferred Satyapal Malik, and he is the Meghalaya governor at present in November 2021. Despite being an experienced politician even Satyapal Malik was shocked at the astronomical levels of corruption in goa.

The domain investor is not asking for any favors, she is only fighting for her fundamental rights which almost all other indian citizens, including other domain investors, online publishers enjoy. Since the domain investor alone is paying all the domain expenses, and doing the computer work, there is no reason why the government agencies should make fake claims. yet since 2010, the domain investor is criminally defamed, and at least 15 google, tata sponsored lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees like shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree, kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer naina premchandani who look , her scammer sons, karan, nikhil, goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, greedy goan gsb fraud robber riddhi nayak caro and others are falsely claiming to own this and other domains to get monthly government salaries after BRIBING relevant officials, at the expense of the real domain investor

Before complaining about the website content, government agencies should explain why the well paid ntro/raw/cbi employees do not legally purchase the domains paying the market price, do not open their own paypal, bank account legally, why they expect the domain investor, a private citizen to tolerate the financial fraud, criminal defamation of ntro/raw/cbi employees who are falsely claiming to own her domains, paypal, bank account since 2010. Shockingly indian internet and tech companies allegedly led by google, tata, amazon continue to be the biggest supporters of corruption, financial, domain ownership fraud in goa, as part of the elaborate BRIBERY racket in goa and elsewhere

These indian tech, internet companies are allegedly blindly repeating the lies of fraud raw employee who allegedly falsely claims panaji sindhi scammer naina premchanandai, eighth standard pass school dropout, from kolhapur, illegally married at 16 to her scammer xerox shop owning husband, was his btech 1993 ee classmate from iit bombay when no engineering college would admit the shameless sindhi scammer school dropout.The indian tech and internet companies are also aware that their favorite sindhi scammer naina is only cooking, cleaning for her crooked husband, chatting for phone, relaxing, does no computer work, like her scammer sons, yet they continue to support their favorite sindhi scammer family in their computer work, domain ownership, financial fraud.

Goan officials, politicians and society continues to consider these LIARS, banking, online fraudsters respectable, high status, no one has the personal or professional integrity to question the sindhi,goan scammers on their banking fraud, indicating the widespread rot in goan society,

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