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Though the internet companies and officials falsely claim that domain ownership makes the real domain investor famous, there are other domain investors like swetha venugala with more domains (20000+ domains), selling the domains at far higher prices. However, the intelligence and security agencies in at least a few countries are monitoring this website network more closely because the government agencies are extremely brazen in their atrocities on the domain investor, especially in panaji, goa and elsewhere highlighting the top secret weapons which the country has acquired

Though the domain investor, a trained and experienced engineer is not allowed to get any paid work in india since 2010, using a combination of correspondence theft by greedy goan bhandari raw employee sunaina chodan and criminal defamation, she can reverse engineer the atrocities on her, since they use radiation weapons, microwaves and similar wireless technologies. She is also documenting the problems she faces, especially the pain caused by radiation, due to cell damage, one of the few indian citizens who does so. Documenting will also hopefully discourage the officials from experimenting with her, since they should be aware that everything they do will be published online,

For example the real domain investor does not drive a vehicle, because radiation weapons were used extensively to destroy her memory, causing severe headaches, damaging the braincells, especially when taking driving lessons. Some relatives and others were paying the security agencies Rs 40000 for using radiation weapons for damaging braincells, so that they could easily steal her identity. The damage to the brain cells was so severe, that it took the engineer several years, to expose the fake help fraud, of her engineering classmates who actually hated her, and used her as a honeypot

Later the media reported that Canadian and American diplomats in Havana, Cuba and other places were experiencing similar symptoms of brain damage, memory loss, mainly because radiation weapons were used. Though they convinced the government that they were helping her, the engineering classmates of the domain investor actually hated her, and are using the most powerful weapons at their disposal, to destroy her health, memory and reputation since 2010. These radiation weapons are classified as top secret, only the complaints of the victim is proof of their existence

Similarly, brain wave reading is used for memory robbery of the domain investor without a legally valid reason, so that the sugar babies, real girlfriends of the domain investor can impersonate the domain investor and get a monthly government salary at her expense, without doing any computer work, without investing money in domains, computer hardware. This is a clear case of government slavery, denying the domain investor the right to equality, right to privacy since she is a harmless private citizen

Allegedly this memory robbery has become very famous, and since the domain investor is one of the few persons documenting it in great detail, other citizens in different countries who are facing the same problem are also interested in getting more information. For example a medical professional from UK who was facing the same problem of memory robbery had contacted the domain investor to understand his problem better, how to stop memory robbery since it was affecting him professionally.

The single woman domain investor cannot stop her powerful engineering classmates and other powerful men who hate her, from monitoring, harassing her, using her for non-consensual human experimentation, like the atrocities on jews in nazi germany. However, she can document, the harassment, problems she faces in great detail, so that others are aware of it, especially those who face similar problems, are from powerless communities like her. It is the government policy of allowing its well paid employees to commit endless atrocities on harmless citizens who they hate, without a legally valid reason, using invisible weapons, which has made the domain investor influential.

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